• Susan Christian
    Veterinarian and Surgeon

    After 25 years of being with Marina, I continue to enjoy performing surgeries every day, and I truly love performing new kitten and puppy exams and educating first time pet owners. in my spare time I enjoy reading, gardening, fishing, playing hand bells for my church, and competing at Rally Obedience and Agility trials. I have several pets, Nova the English mastiff, Hazelnut the French bulldog, Pip the terrier mix, Lil Man Ashitaka the border collie/aussie mix; Frog and Toad the cats; and Rio the Mexican Red Head Parrot.

  • April York

    I love being at Marina, it’s been 14 years since I first came to join the family. I have a lot of pets at home too, Bella, Lizzy, Casper, Buzz, Peanut, Keto, Fred, and last but not least Coco. I enjoy being able to help prevent diseases and seeing others recover and go home happy and healthy. I also enjoy spending time with my family and watching my kids during their activities, as well as participating in CrossFit and running.

  • Chrystal Gregg
    Veterinarian and Surgeon

    I’ve been with Marina for 4 years. I like performing surgery on all of our furry patients. I have 4 cats at home, and enjoy reading when I’m not at the clinic.

  • Steven Slusher

    I’ve been here for 11 years now. I like the challenges from complicated cases that aren’t often seen. My wife and I currently have no pets at home. Away from work, I enjoy exercise, shooting, boating, fishing, and traveling.

  • Nicole Mason

    I will have been here for 5 years and enjoy seeing all the interesting cases that we have come in. I have several pets; 2 dogs, Shadow and Baxter; 2 cats, Cricket and Shadow; and 1 horse, Debut that lives with my parents in Kansas. Away from Marina, I enjoy spending time with my family, running and have even completed several marathons.

  • Pippa Simmons
    Veterinarian, Surgeon

    After graduating from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, I began working at Marina in April, 2017.  One aspect of my job that I enjoy is dermatology.  I especially enjoy providing relief for the itchy or uncomfortable pet and giving peace of mind to the worried owner.  In my free time, I enjoy traveling around Oklahoma since I am still a new resident.  At home, I have 4 dogs: Adam, a  Scottish terrier mix; Lee, a Boston terrier mix; Joe, a Rottweiler mix; and Maximus, a German Shepherd.  I also have one cat, Titus, a tuxedo, who generally likes to keep to himself! We just added one more to the family, Please welcome Monica the gray kitten!

  • Annette Dixon
    Veterinarian, Surgeon

    After owning my own veterinary clinic in Missouri for the past 23 years, I moved to a ranch in Oklahoma with my family, our cows, horses and my husband's saddle shop. I enjoy being able to use my experience, as a veterinarian and a clinic owner, at Marina. Our household includes an Australian Shepherd, Blondie; six horses and a donkey named Rocket and a lot of cattle. i enjoy working outside, riding horses and raising livestock.

  • Dr.
    Lou Anne Wolfe
    Veterinarian, Surgeon

    I came back to Marina again in 2019.  I am so happy to be back.  I really feel like I've returned home. I have 6 dogs, 4 pet pigs, 2 horses, and 1 cat. As a veterinarian, I love working on dogs and pigs. My hobbies are horseback riding and fishing.

  • Mariann Haggerty
    Office Manager

    I’ve been with Marina for 27 years, where I enjoy taking care of the patients as well as the clients’ needs. I have several dogs, Trynnitee the English Bull dog, Jynnttrree the English Mastiff, Teennee the Shih Tzu, Raynnee a Yorkshire Terrier Mix, and Leennkynn a Great Dane, Chip the Pitbull, and 2 cats Sasha and Gremlin. When I’m not at work, I enjoy spending time riding horses for barrel racing, driving my 2010 V8 customized Camaro, or riding my Harley.

  • Heather Potter
    Manager, HR, Registered Veterinary Technician

    I’ve been with Marina for 25 years. I enjoy helping all the sick and injured patients. I have several pets at home including 3 dogs, Hippie the Labrador Mix, Mavis the Chinese Crested, and Bella the Chihuahua; as well as a few cats, MeowMeow, Monster, Mooshee, and 2 Sphynx Bambino and Williie.. I enjoy watching my children’s wrestling and baseball activities and spending time with my grandchildren.

  • Theresa Panther
    Veterinarian Assistant, Veterinary Technician Student at San Juan College

    I’ve been with Marina for 16 years. I have several pets at home, including Gaby, a Miniature Poodle; Gracie, an Australian Shepherd; Faith, a Chihuahua; and my cats Tiny, Tommy Boy, Willie, and Stormey. I enjoy taking care of all the patients at the clinic, and taking x-rays, assisting in C-Sections, and placing IV catheters. I enjoy watching movies, when I’m at home.

  • Jennifer Randolph
    Certified Veterinarian Assistant, Veterinarian Technician Student at Penn Foster

    I’ve been with Marina since 2005 and absolutely love what I do and getting to help all the patients. I have 1 cat, Banana; and 2 dogs, Emma and Pika. When I’m at home, I enjoy spending time with my family, watching the Cowboys play, crocheting, and anything and everything outside like camping, traveling, or especially off-roading our Jeeps.

  • Ginger Meeker
    Receptionist, Manager

    I started my career here in 2017. I really enjoy keeping pets and clients happy when they come to Marina.  Caesar, Brutus, Priscilla, Fiona, and Stoney are my pets at home. When I’m not here, I enjoy traveling and Zumba classes.

  • Clarisa Gonzalez
    Kennel Attendant, Bilingual

    I enjoy meeting new dogs every day and loving all the different patients and newborn puppies. I’ve worked here for 3 years, so my coworkers are like my family. When I’m not at work, I spend time with my 2 dogs, Sunny, she’s a Labrador retriever and Dobby, a Chihuahua. I like writing, drawing, crafting of all kinds, as well as playing video games, or just binge watching TV. I just love building relationships with patients, to have trust and help them feel at home during their stay here at the clinic.

  • Jesse Witt
    Kennel Attendant

    I’ve been at Marina for 3 years. I enjoy seeing and caring for all the Rottweilers that come into the clinic. I have several dogs at home too, CJ, Jack, Lucy, and Harley. When at home, I enjoy playing all the latest video games and hanging out with my dogs.

  • Lacy Rankin
    Veterinary Assistant

    I’ve been here for about 3 and a half years. I like getting to see all the cats that come in and helping to take care of them. I like playing with my own pets at home Vader, Troubles, and Mia are my cats, and Heidi, my dog. I love spending time with my daughter, when I’m not working, and traveling out of state.

  • Marcella Ostapowich

    Marina has been a part of my life for several years now, I use to be a receptionist and enjoyed greeting all the clients that come in, but now I help with other things like sending out reminders and sympathy cards when pets pass away. I have a little Chihuahua named Lucy, who is my heart. I like cooking for the rest of the staff at the clinic and watching how much they enjoy it too.

  • Letti Onofre
    Veterinarian Assistant, Veterinary Technician Student at Penn Foster

    I’ve been here less than a year. I have 3 dogs, Stella, Holly, and Archibald and 2 cats, Mr Papaya and Ursula. I like meeting and helping all the animals. Outside of work, I like hiking and painting.

  • Alex Wehe
    Veterinary Assistant, Veterinary Technician Student at Penn Foster

    I have a dog named Zen, who's a Border Collie Mix and a new cat Miles. I enjoy being artistic, tattoo art, spending time with my family, reading. Everyday at Marina is a new opportunity to gain more knowledge than the day before.

  • Autumn Jones
    Kennel Attendant

    I love my 7 dogs so much, that I came to work at Marina. I live on a farm with just about any farm animal you can think of. When I’m not working on the farm or at the clinic, I enjoy barrel racing and working on cars.

  • Dakota Gage-Oxford
    Veterinary Assistant, Veterinary Technician Student at Penn Foster

    I have 4 cats, Benjamin, Jett, Kingston, and Lynard. I like DIY projects, the outdoors, and cooking, as well as hanging out with my friends and fur babies in my free time. The favorite part of my job is seeing the difference my coworkers and I make, in the lives of the patients that walk into Marina.

  • Lauren Bowers
    Kennel Attendant

    My favorite part are all of the different little furry clients we get to help everyday! My hobbies are taking care of my pets at home and drawing. I have 3 dogs, 3 cats, and a lizard.

  • Amber Watson

    Marina is now home, since 2019. I have come to enjoy all the puppy patients and getting to know our clients. I enjoy camping, hiking, taking my dogs to the local dog parks, and family nights at home. I have 2 dogs, Holly the Beagle, and Blaze the Australian Shepherd. I also have a Corn Snake, Sheldon.